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Warning Signs Your Business Needs The Cloud

Despite the inherent potentials cloud computing offers, many businesses are yet to tap into the opportunities the cloud service presents, below are warning signs these brands should take into cognizance which indicates they nrrd cloud. 1. It Takes More Than 3 Days for a New Employee to Get Their Email Address Why This is a Warning

Why Nigerian Startups Should Embrace Cloud Computing

Running a tech startup in Nigeria obviously come with a lot of pain, starting a business generally in Nigeria is not an easy adventure. Some of the peculiar challenges associated with Startups here in Nigeria include limited fund, inadequate infrastructure like electricity and also the limited technology-enabled environment, you have to work around these limitations to

Let’s Talk About The Cloud in Simple Terms

Generally, when you hear the word “Cloud” outside the technology environment you would possibly think they are referring to the cloud in the sky. Nonetheless, some people still believe there is only one “Cloud” which is the one up high, however, there is also something called Cloud in IT, which affects our daily interaction and communication.