According to the Minister of Communications Barrister Adebayo Shittu, he said ” The proposed ICT University is said to be established in the second quarter or third quarter of this year. This might still appear to be a myth, as it is yet to be established. Despite the public critics of the concept behind the ICT University, coupled with it not being completely indigenous, as it would be sponsored by foreign organisations and investors, without an iota doubt it can be forecasted that the benefits to technology growth and the Nigerian economy at large cannot be underestimated.

According, to a recent update on this issue, the strategies that will enhance the quick functioning of the proposed citadel of learning are currently being worked on or had already been put in place. In fact, the federal government of Nigeria has recently inaugurated the implementation committees towards its establishment.

We all know and understand that going digital is the way forward and it’s the fastest growing trend of our time. Obviously, the brains behind this innovation cannot be limited only to the idea that ICT university will drive the technology growth in Nigeria but also for the fact that there is a high demand for public and private businesses to function smartly through digitisation, for effective profit making and delivery.

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Nigeria is known to be a consumer nation of technology, where homemade innovative technology solutions are still not given so much attention. We are yet to really embrace the idea of having our own “built from the scratch” invention. Maybe we have, but there are so many limiting factors like infrastructures and adequate funding, set aside for the growth of the ICT sector.

An average Nigerian youth is intelligent, innovative and resourceful when exposed to an enabling environment that will facilitate innovative ideas. It is without a doubt that even with the staggering conditions of technology infrastructures in the nation, large numbers of youths in the country had chosen to stand out with their inventions, how much more if an ICT specialised institution is established. There would be a drastic growth and positive implication on technology landscape in Nigeria.

Alas! welcome to the future. With the proposal and smooth running of an ICT institution that would train and equip the Nigerians  to be the best in this field, technology savagery and decadence in the country would soon be a thing of the past and with absolute contributions of Facebook, Apple, Samsung, Ericsson, Dell, HP and the likes, towards the establishment of this institution there is sure hope that it has come to stay and make lives better.
Without further ado, except one is a complete critic and killjoy, the idea of a Nigerian ICT University signals the emergence of drastic economic growth, seasoned innovators, competent and employable youths, great future leaders, unparalleled entrepreneurs, indigenous inventions and innovations, world-class Silicon Valley in Nigeria, just to mention a few.

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