HD Interactive Screens: An Innovative tool for corporate excellence

Since before the turn of the century, there have been increased
need for conversation-centered meetings which raised the need for
creative ways through which thought leaders could express
themselves as clearly as possible and also get their teams to see
thought process from the needed vantage or perspective. This
had set the stage for the usage of flip-charts, chalkboards,
whiteboard markers and now projectors.
This innovation chain has been improving and expanding and it
only feels natural that it expands and improves even further. The
projector came with some inconsistencies e.g.
• Requires a lot of cabling.
• Dark room required for better visibility.
•Distraction from shuffle back and forth between computer and
• Can be quite unengaging.
The whiteboard had a major problem of having a limited capacity
while the flipchart was not an option due to its recurring cost and
lack of space.
The HD flat screen panel which is taking over rapidly from the
projector in today’s corporate world has used the disadvantages
of these previous systems of information sharing and made these
weaknesses its own strong points.
The HD panel is is the ideal business tool that puts you in complete
control of communication, helping you connect and collaborate
effectively, anywhere and at anytime.
Among its top features are :
• Cordless Presentations
• Video Conferencing
•Digital Whiteboard
• Dual Operating System
• Crystal clear 4k HD Screens
• Allow up to to 4 different screens to be shown at once
•Digital ink
There is absolutely no doubt that this innovation is definitely making
businesses and indeed corporate elites more efficient. Infact it is
reputed to have an 18.9Billion USD market currently which will increase
to well over 25Billion USD by 2023.
Every corporate entity that values its work and has innovation at the
core of its framework should definitely adopt this new technology and
with it take their effectiveness and productivity to another level.
Indeed, this is a tool for corporate excellence.

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