HD Interactive Screen VS Normal Projector Screen


For quite a number of years, the preferred screen solution for
classroom and boardroom audiovisuals have been Projectors until the HD Interactive Screen came into Nigeria. Over this period of time, the projector has developed from the Long Throw
Projector(LTP) to the recent Short Throw(ST) and even Ultra Short
Throw(UST), which is getting more popular. However, despite its
successes and upgrades, projectors still have shortcomings in and of
themselves e.g.:
•Contrast/Sharpness manual adjustments,
• Projector lamp getting burnt monthly,
• Cost of maintenance being very expensive.

The core innovative solution that has solved nearly all the projector
problems is called the HD Interactive Panel Screen(IFS). This
technology has outclassed the projector in many different ways and it
is a digital solution that was made to make work easy – both in
classrooms and in the office boardroom.
Below, we will try to compare these two tech gadgets and let you, our
esteemed guests be the judge of which is the better deal.

1. Image Resolution Quality:
Some projectors come with HD function but those are the
exception rather than the rule while every IFS comes with HD
panels and thus IFS has a better image resolution generally.

2. Image Brightness:
again, for a projector, the image brightness reduces with time and
usage and the operator has to change the lamp unit as often as

3. Attachments :
The projector requires a lot more attachments e.g. a lot of cables
and wires are required which can be quite clumsy to work with and
the shuffling back and forth between computer and projector can
be distracting for the audience. The IFS has near-zero wires and is
so programmed that you can control directly from its screen and
make a cordless presentation.

4. Video Conferencing:
The projector cannot perform tasks like multi-person video
conference calling. Quite simply, the IFS can hold a standard world
conference call on video with a very high efficiency.

5. Printers and Autosavers:
Integrated printers and document cameras for automatic saving into
printable documents are a standard feature of the IFS but
completely lacking in the Projector.

It can be seen that from an improvement perspective, the IFS beats the
normal projector screens in so many ways. Still, for further
information, perhaps you want to talk to an operative or get a better
view on affordability and ask related questions, why not get in touch
with SIDMACH TECHNOLOGIES via: https://www.sidmach.com and ask all your
questions. The world is moving forward; you should too.

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