Imagine you are working on a presentation that you have shared with your team, and you have a quick question for one of your teammates. With Office 365, you can co-edit your presentation in PowerPoint and simultaneously chat with teammates online using Skype for Business. Watch the video to see how this works on a computer running Windows.

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Earlier today, I shared a presentation with my teammates.

I can see that Katie has started working on this.

I have some questions for Katie, so I’ll see if she’s online, too.

Looks like she is online now, so I’ll IM her. There she is.

I’ll ask Katie about slide 4.

Looks like Katie has been thinking about this, even though she’s really busy.

I see that there are some updates to this deck.

And here are Katie’s changes. We’re going to have this wrapped up in no time!


Try it:

To collaborate on a presentation using PowerPoint 2016 and Skype for Business on a Windows computer or tablet

  1. Begin with a PowerPoint presentation open for editing on your computer.
  2. In the upper right corner, choose Share. On the Share menu, you’ll see a list of people with whom you’ve shared your file. You’ll also see who’s editing the file at the moment, with their presence indicator.
  3. To chat with a teammate while editing the presentation:
    1. Find a teammate who appears to be available (that person’s presence indicator will be green).
    2. Using your pointer, hover over your teammate’s name, and then choose the chat button. A Skype for Business chat session begins.
    3. Type a message to your teammate, and then press Enter.
    4. Arrange your chat window so it’s alongside your PowerPoint presentation.
    5. Type questions or comments to your teammate to have a conversation with them while you’re editing the file.
  4. Continue editing your presentation. Your teammates can also edit the presentation using PowerPoint on their devices, or PowerPoint Online (in a browser window).
  5. If you see Updates Available at the bottom of the PowerPoint window, click (or tap) that to see everyone’s changes.
  6. When you’re done editing, make sure to save and close the file.

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