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Building Your Own Website? What you need to Know

The seemingly daunting task of building a website has been what has stopped many from having their own website. Well, thankfully due to recent advancements in web technology, you no longer need to be a geek with extensive knowledge of writing codes to build your own website. Building a website is now as easy as

Back to School – Go with SmartSchool

Preparing to go back to school after the summer holidays is usually interesting. I said interesting because of last minute shopping. Some had traveled abroad for the summer and had already sorted their shopping out; other had come back, but forgot to buy a few things; still other had been around and had a few

How to Complement your Office 365 with Cloud Security

The benefits of shifting to the cloud are numerous – no upgrades, no new servers, no maintenance and significant savings in the management of man hours. So it makes sense to look for a security solution that offers the same benefits. Here’s a quick overview of the key features every cloud security solution complementing Office